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About Us

His each and every word left deep impression on my mind. Colleges can just produce commerce graduates with more of the practical knowledge but the professional requirements of businesses are something which is missing. I am also an accountant professional. Being an accounting professional, I am well aware of what an employer expects from his accountant and what other concerned departments and professionals expect. So keeping in mind all the requirements and expectations the need of
an exclusive accounting training institute has arisen. So after about an year of long discussions with friends and some other related professionals and clients and after making detailed studies of potential requirements, we have decided to launch an exclusive institute for Accounting Training and Placement Services, Where we have professionally trained staff, professional atmosphere.
We will add Price Tag or a Value to an ordinary account to make him PERFECT ACCOUNTANT or you can say an account who is well equipped mentally, technically & professionally for any type of accounting job from the word go. We are lancing this institute for giving professional touch to the aspirants of accounting profession. We are ready to equip our students with every possible
ammunition to counter the gradually growing complexities in Indian accounting and taxation system. The Students will be appropriately trained in Computerized as well as manual Accounts knowledge & skills to face the competitive & professional world. We are ready to contribute our best to the professional growth of all type of organized industries, trading concerns and other
professionals. So come and join us for having a bright future ahead the industry is waiting for you as a well equipped accounting professional. We are here for your service.

From the co-ordinator’s desk.........

Back in 2008, when I was sitting my college mates well known Accounting Professionals and discussing the present accounting system of INDIA which is gearing up for a drastic turnaround from manual accounting system to Computerised now to Online Accounting system , VAA began its journey with a mission to add VALUE to Accounting Professionals (VALUE ADDED ACCOUNTING) to provide top quality Accounting services and Accounting Professionals at affordable
prices to the masses. In last few years We have produced many Top Quality Accounting Professionals who are serving the Industry very wellWe have qualified faculty well equipped computer lab and library and above all life time carrier updating support, friendly and supportive behavior of faculty and other staff. Your satisfaction is the biggest reward for us, So join us for something extra which we believe others can not add to your personality.